MAD 2023: Top 10 Trends

Every year, as part of our MAD project, we do a presentation at Data Driven NYC about the top trends we see across data and ML/AI. (here’s the 2022 version for reference).

The presentation, done this year with my FirstMark colleague Kevin Zhang, is a whirlwind tour of top trends, as opposed to anything particularly in-depth, as we tried to keep it short. But hopefully it should provide a good overview of what’s been happening in those spaces, for anyone interested in a recap.

See below for:

  • the video (20’53”)
  • the list of top trends for easy perusal
  • the slides

For easy perusal, here’s a recap of those top 10 trends:

Data infrastructure

  1. Funding grinds to a halt
  2. Bundling & consolidation ahead 
  3. The Modern Data Stack under pressure 
  4. Convergence and Simplification 


  1. AI goes mainstream (and multimodal)
  2. Funding: In AI, it’s party like it’s 1999
  3. The new political economy of AI: Big Tech vs AGI Research Labs 
  4. New startup opportunities: GenAI SaaS and LLMOps
  5. The inevitable backlash: AI ethics & safety
  6. The “AI Wars” reach a new level of intensity

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