NYC: A Natural Home for European Entrepreneurs

Last night I was invited to speak at the inaugural NYC European Tech Meetup.  There are tons of obvious reasons why the NYC and European tech ecosystems should work closely with one another, so a meetup on the topic was long overdue.  Congrats to Alban Denoyel and Anthony Marnell for starting it, and thanks for inviting me to speak, was a lot of fun.  Below are the slides I used – the presentation was meant to be a “State of the Union” of European tech in NYC, a high level overview fit for an inaugural meetup and get the conversation started.


Many thanks to David Rogg, our newest associate at FirstMark, for helping me with this.  I’m sure we missed some companies and people – if so, let us know in the comments, and we’ll update the presentation.

3 thoughts on “NYC: A Natural Home for European Entrepreneurs”

  1. Definitely a hurdle, and definitely a broken system. Having said that, getting a visa (and eventually, a green card) is generally doable with the right amount of effort and thoughtfulness. In a weird way, perhaps not the worst test of entrepreneurial determination.

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