Announcing $1B+ in New Funds

Some news: $1B in new funds!

When FirstMark Capital was founded in 2008, the idea that one could build a premier, top-tier venture capital firm out of New York was still largely considered odd, perhaps even delusional.

A barely nascent tech ecosystem, NYC at the time had few startups and even less venture firms, and seemed destined to be forever a distant satellite market to Silicon Valley.

Fast forward to today: NYC has clearly become one of the most exciting and vibrant tech ecosystems in the world.

As NYC tech grew, FirstMark grew with it.

We passionately supported the ecosystem and helped it grow, both by investing in great New York entrepreneurs and relentlessly building communities and events, to help create a connective tissue for all to meet and learn together.

Beyond our love for our home turf, we quickly got confirmation that the value proposition of being an NYC-based venture firm resonated strongly just about everywhere – enabling us to invest in some of the very best startups all over North America, as well as Europe and Israel.

Our new, larger funds represent our ever-increasing ambition and steadfast commitment to excellence. Our core strategy will remain the same. Early conviction. Deeply active partners. Exceptional operational support through the FirstMark Platform.

The changing environment makes our style of investing more relevant than ever. We’ve long considered VC as a craft, rather than an industrial operation. We believe in hard work and discipline, selectivity and long term commitment.

We feel deeply honored for the support and trust of our limited partners, especially in those more challenging times.

We are also more grateful than ever to the amazing founders we have had a chance to partner with over the years.

P.S.: *** At a more personal level, those new funds represent another failed lobbying effort on my part to rename the firm to FirstMatt (who’s Mark, anyway?).***

P.S 2: oh and I almost forgot: 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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  1. The very best and well deserved.
    You have certainly come a very long way from your days at Bloomberg

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