Generative AI interview on the Infinite Machine Learning Podcast

I recently got an opportunity to chat with Prateek Joshi on Infinite Machine Learning, his excellent podcast.

It was a wide-ranging conversation about Generative AI (which I would recommend listening at 1.25x speed or more, makes me a lot more articulate). We covered a range of topics including: 

  • AI going mainstream with ChatGPT
  • The opportunity for Generative AI in the enterprise
  • Defensibility and moats of Generative AI companies
  • A mental model for thinking about what AI is best suited for, in terms of startup opportunities
  • Desirable characteristics of AI startup founding teams
  • Rapid fire: favorite books, favorite questions to ask when interviewing a candidate, why VC is a craft business

Links to the episode:

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🎧 Web:

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