Hardware Startups: The VC Perspective

Among all the excitement for the Internet of Things and the resurgence of hardware as an investable category, venture capitalists, many of whom new to the space, have been re-discovering the opportunities and challenges of working alongside entrepreneurs to build hardware companies.  Below are the slides that David Rogg and I prepared for the recent Connected Conference, a great global event held in Paris.  They’re a good snapshot of how someone like me thinks about the hardware space, mid-2015.



2 thoughts on “Hardware Startups: The VC Perspective”

  1. Matt, interesting. As somebody with a long history of helping technology businesses and a specialist in bringing technology to market (especially hardware), I find it interesting. I’ve watched the rise in software only products and the swamping of the word “App” and the shift to SAS. But it seems things may be on the turn. Hardware products do bring a special development flow cycle that has largely been either forgotten or yet to be experienced by the current generation.

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