In Conversation with Elementl (Dagster), Meroxa and Superconductive (Great Expectations)

This last year has seen tremendous levels of activity for early stage startups in the data infrastructure ecosystem. At our most recent Data Driven NYC, we featured some of the rising stars:

  • Nick Schrock, Founder & CEO, Elementl (Dagster) | Elementl is building the next generation of open source data tools including Dagster, the open-source data orchestrator for machine learning, analytics, and ETL.
  • DeVaris Brown, Founder & CEO, Meroxa | Meroxa is a real-time data platform that gives data teams the tools they need to build real-time infrastructure in minutes.
  • Abe Gong, Founder & CEO, Superconductive (Great Expectations) | Superconductive is the team behind Great Expectations, the leading open source tool for defeating pipeline debt through data testing, documentation, and profiling. The company‚Äôs mission is to revolutionize the speed and integrity of data collaboration.

Here are the videos – all excellent conversations. Different format this time for this post, no transcript (let me know if we should bring back transcripts for easy perusal).

ELEMENTL (Dagster):


Superconductive (Great Expectations):

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