Bitly, Splunk, Gnip, RTP Ventures: Videos

Videos of the presentations at the NYC Data Business Meetup on February 23, 2012 (can’t seem to be able to get better quality image, suggestions are welcome):

Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist, Bitly:

Stephen Sorkin, VP of Engineering, Splunk:

Chris Moody, President and COO, Gnip:

Kirill Sheynkman, Senior Managing Director, RTP Ventures:

My (long) intro remarks:

3 thoughts on “Bitly, Splunk, Gnip, RTP Ventures: Videos”

  1. Matt,
    Thanks for uploading the videos, I could not attend but at least I could watch them.

    Can you also post the videos of the recent meet ups as well.

    Thanks again.

    1. Sure – I have just uploaded the March 20 videos. The previous meetups were held in a different room that doesn’t have video capabilities, so there are no videos for those. The next couple of meetups will most likely be held in that other room as well, so there won’t be videos for those either.

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