BFM Business (French TV) Interview

The only thing better than VC pontification in general is VC pontification *in French*

Thanks Sabrina Quagliozzi and BFM Business for giving me the opportunity to chat about the current state of VC markets on Tech & Co. at the NASDAQ on Times Square.

Certainly a big pull back in venture and growth investing so far this year – the header above says “Markets: after the party, investors have a hangover” (!)… but many reasons to be hopeful, as the long term trends around digital transformation, AI and automation will only accelerate from here.

Also, the NYC tech ecosystem is on 🔥🔥 and a perfect home in the US for European startups

Here’s the video: What’s up New York : Après la fête, les investisseurs ont la gueule de bois – 10/10

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